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RBC has been alongside customers throughout the entire e-journal implementation process

Announced more than two years before the implementation deadline, the Electronic Journal required robust customer service and an incredible support from RBC.

RBC team contacted all customers in advance and, together with its strategic partner Wincor-Nixdorf, a company that no longer needs to be introduced, since is the no. 1 manufacturer in Europe for retail hardware and software solutions, provided the most efficient technical solution that complies with statutory amendments: Wincor Nixdorf TH230 + fiscal printer.

TH230 + fiscal printer is widely used internationally, with proven reliability and state-of-the-art capabilities, an ideal product for printing tax vouchers. In addition, the printer has been tested and adapted to meet the requirements for data transmission to National Agency for Fiscal Administration - NAFA. It should be known that the printer prints only the original bills and reports and the copies are stored on the special SD card allocated for the Electronic Journal, which is secured inside the printer. During operation, the Electronic Log is saved on the SD card and each SD card input is digitally signed, the signature being stored in the fiscal memory.

Information Security - For data protection in the Journal, the printer is sealed and the seal is applied by the Authorized Service Engineer (RBC). Only the service engineer is the one who has the right to break the seal for an intervention, which is recorded in the service book of the printer. Fiscal memory and EJ SD Card are under seal - breaking the seal is required to interfere with them.

The TH230 + Tax Printer offers a much simplified rollover change process, as well as the ability to use a wider roll to display more information for customers; features innovative graphics capabilities - logo printing, 1D and 2D barcodes, and even two-color printing by using appropriate thermal paper. At the same time, the printer is aligned with the latest energy-saving trends, with a low-power stand-by (0.5W) and direct power supply from Wincor Nixdorf.

Romanian Business Consult team is always at your disposal and can provide all the necessary information.

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