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Effective management of Scandia Food warehouses

About Scandia Food

Scandia Food is a Romanian food company, a leader in the canned meat market in the country, with a market share of over 54%. Established at the beginning of the 20th century, the company registered an uninterrupted activity up to this day. A respected name in the food industry, Scandia Food created delicious products and launched successful brands, loved by consumers. Their success transformed the company from a local player into a national leader in the canned meat market.

In 2010, Scandia Food moved to a new factory, a proof of the promise made to consumers to meet the highest quality standards: an investment of over 40 million euros was made; machines and technologies have been implemented to the highest standards; a production area of over 17,000 square meters; last generation warehouses for raw materials and finished products; there are two production units, for canning and for sausages.

The customer's need and RBR specialists' solution

Scandia Food representatives requested RBC's help to better manage the company's warehouses. Thus, the raw material is received in the frozen warehouse, which has 3568 pallet locations. RBC WMS system allows direct connection to industrial scales (Bizerba) to receive merchandise. The system guides the operator with the forklift to the final location on the shelf. Removal of goods in production is based on orders injected automatically from ERP using the FEFO technique.

Production reception takes place in the final materials warehouse on a number of 9150 pallet locations on the ground floor (picking area) and upper floors, where the merchandise is stored with VNA forklifts. The system allows parallel work of VNAs (two equipments, each for a corridor); 6 operators are carrying out picking operations on other two corridors.

If there was no problem with the reception / delivery targets at the raw material warehouse, that was not the case in the warehouse of finished materials. With over 1770 SKUs, RBS's WMS system was able to reach the targets of reception and delivery of 250/350 pallets per day. In the first phases, the percentage of pallets from picking was 30%, but after the RBC system implementation, 95% of the total pallets were delivered. This was possible using the WMS picking module.

The characteristics of the deposits are:

  • 3568 storage locations for raw materials
  • 9150 locations for finished materials
  • 2 loading / unloading ramps for raw materials
  • 3 loading / unloading ramps for finite materials
  • 5 raw material operators
  • 18 finite materials operators
  • 2 auxiliary operators
  • SKU raw materials / finished / auxiliary (218/1770/1450)

Up to 110 orders are received daily and up to 150 are delivered. The volume of pallets is: medium - 45/250 (input / output); maximum - 250/350 (in / out).

The solutions implemented by RBC team included:

  • splitting large orders on multiple shipments based on loading and routing rules;
  • administering tasks to operators in order to parallelize picking and working with VNAs optimally;
  • communication with automatic weighing systems (Bizerba industrial scales);
  • special strategies for pallet consolidation according to the beneficiaries' rules;
  • setting up of storage locations based on the definition of storage areas and association with the products;
  • informing operators of the special rules for the construction of the final pallets.


We are glad to announce spectacular results following the implementation of RBC solutions:

  • full-motion (double play) of VNAs (alternating storage with removal, not running with empty forks): 92%;
  • reaching the proposed goal of 250 pallets delivered per day (95% mixed pallets) and receiving 200 pallets from production to the finished material storehouse;
  • dropping the number of pickers to 12 (2 shifts of 6 pickers) from 41;
  • the correct delivery of both quantitative products and what was requested with a 0 degree of error (maximum picking accuracy) using scanning techniques.
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