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RBC provided Euroccoper with a comprehensive strategy of streamlining business flows

About Euroccoper

Euroccoper, a company with Italian capital that focuses on international operations and customs related activities, has recently completed the construction of a logistics center in Timisoara, covering an area of 4,500 sqm, with an open-air platform of 3,000 sqm. The company also owns in Bucharest a warehouse covering 6,500 sqm with an open-air platform of 15,000 sqm and a warehouse of 2,000 sqm and has customs offices in Constanta, Timisoara, Constanta Harbour, Arad, Halmeu (Ukraine), Moravita, Jimbolia and Portile de Fier (Serbia).

The company covers all phases of the expedition and freight transport process: from order picking to delivery, through pickup, consolidation, documentation, unloading, certification management, carrier selection, and a tracking system for shipments that can be selected according to customer needs. Today, the company has over 1,000 clients.

About Euroccoper Logistics

With four headquarters in Timisoara, Bucharest, Constanta and Arad, Euroccoper provides efficient and modern storage capacity. The strategic position of the warehouses allows fast supply and delivery.

The spaces available in warehouses can be personalized and are of different types: no shelves for supermarkets, shelves for euro pallets or industrial pallets, all that’s necessary for the best warehouse management according to the typology of the goods.

The customer's need and RBC solution

A business of this size needed effective solutions provided by a team of experienced specialists, such as RBCs.

RBC team proposed and implemented several activities:

  • Possibility to book the merchandise in advance for preferential customers
  • Employee evaluation based on activity reports
  • Optimizing picking routes
  • Special charging strategies for machines
  • Defining storage locations based on the definition of storage areas and the association with the products of different customers
  • Warning system alerts for critic conditions (different expiry thresholds, storage capacities in critical area, etc.)


The results exceeded any expectations:

  • inventory accuracy increased to 99.96%;
  • the current compaction rate of the warehouse is currently 95%;
  • we deliver over 200 pallets daily (85% are mixed pallets) and delivery costs have decreased by 20%.

"We chose to collaborate with RBC LS as an IT service provider due to the high quality of our services and their efficiency." RBC LS team members provided support in choosing the best options and solutions for our demands. We recommend RBC LS as a professional and trustworthy collaborator. We appreciate the quality services and the flexibility of the solutions offered, which differentiate them in a favorable manner from their competitors", said Anca Ilie, Head of Logistics Euroccoper.

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