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RBC implemented for Selgros Cash & Carry the first complete VIF Trace system in Romanian retail

Three important names - Selgros Cash & Carry, RBC and VIF - met today to construct the first integrated traceability solution in Romania, that will respond correctly and completely to the new traceability rules in retail.

Selgros Cash & Carry, one of the most important players in Romanian commerce, with over 20 stores in Romania, chose to work with RBC again, with the switch to a new store format with an area of 4,000 square meters. The new compound required to ensure traceability in the area of reception of the goods from the suppliers, in the production area, as well as the stock management and the establishment of the yields. RBC is an older partner of Selgros Cash & Carry: the collaboration between the two companies began with the sale of Wincor-Nixdorf POS and several weighing and labeling solutions.

RBC proposal was VIF Trace, an integrated traceability solution, indispensable to implement the new traceability rules in retail. Besides the market demand, traceability is a formidable opportunity for retail companies and the meat industry to reduce risks, improve business performance and profitability.

VIF Trace system includes a family of software solutions that respond to the complex challenges of retail and food industry, such as traceability management, financial performance, and more. Focused on the needs of its clients, integrated VIF management programs are operational in more than 450 companies worldwide in various agri-food industries: chicken, beef, pig, fish, bread etc. With more than 35% of sales invested in Research & Development and internationally recognized expertise, VIF provides support to its clients day by day to improve the performance and profitability of their businesses.

With these references and an experience gained in over 25 years, RBC developed an interface with Selgros' financial accounting application. VIF solution allows electronic data exchange for automation, ease of work and traceability in the delivery area of ​​suppliers, production areas, inventory management and yields. This interface can automatically retrieve item and supplier nomenclatures, as well as orders placed to suppliers, export of receipts and production.

Catalin Olar, IT Manager at Selgros Cash & Carry Romania: "We are very pleased with the performance of the new system implemented in the new store in Targu Mures, with a surface area of ​​4,000 sqm. For Selgros stores built on this new format, traceability and inventory management are managed with the VIF application. The application helps us in the reception, transit and production points, which provides safety and accuracy of our work. The pilot project has been successful and brings us multiple benefits".

Based on receipts and processes previously defined in VIF, production orders are automatically made to track the yields obtained in the various production procedures and keep all traceability data with 100% accuracy. All these are managed automatically by the VIF solution.

The advantages of implementing such a solution are:

  • Allows clear evidence, in real time, of the origin of the goods;
  • A major benefit is that it enables stocks to become more efficient;
  • Allows orders to be optimized for suppliers;
  • Allows maximum use of existing stocks;
  • Provides multiple possibilities for analyzing yields and costs across different processes;
  • Allows much stricter monitoring of adherence to recipe for sausage production;
  • Provides inventory level / expiration date
  • It's easy to use.

"Working with the RBC team has proven to be, again, intuitive and efficient. The vast experience and quality providers they work with recommend RBC as a reliable partner who quickly identifies the need and comes with personalized, clear and operative solutions. We have worked together successfully and now, with the help of the VIF solution, Selgros responds with greater flexibility and speed to European traceability requirements, "said Catalin Olar.

About Selgros Cash & Carry SRL

Selgros Cash & Carry Romania is one of the most important operators in Romanian trade. The company started its activity on the local market in 2001 and currently has 20 stores in Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Targu Mures, Oradea, Cluj, Ploiesti, Timisoara, Craiova, Bacau, Galati, Braila, Arad, Suceava and Constanta. Since 2011, the company is part of Transgourmet Holding AG, the second largest B2B cash & carry network in Europe, with operations in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania and Russia. It is the reliable partner of gastronomy, traders and small private entrepreneurs, providing the best services, a range tailored to their needs, based on competence in quality and freshness, always available at the most convenient prices.

About VIF, Strategic Partner RBC

With over 30 years of experience, VIF is the undisputed market leader in France, but also an important global player in food information systems: 450 customers in France, Brazil, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Morocco.

In the IT apps area for the meat industry, VIF has an important market share in France and grows strong, through its partnerships and presence, in other South American and Asian countries. VIF solutions cover all processes from manufacturing to the entire flow management in factories, from commercial management to logistics and order preparation, from supply to delivery. Also, VIF solutions can be complementary to specialized agro-food functions with an already implemented ERP system.

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